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“ Scalability is key for our long term success as UniUni’s delivery services expand across Canada. 

Benny Liang

Operations Manager

UniUni’s Nationwide Expansion in Canada is Underway

We love to deliver and we are ensuring that we can deliver packages closer to more Canadians in 2022. UniUni is rapidly expanding to provide essential delivery services from Winnipeg in March, Quebec City in April and Windsor in May 2022.

Our goal at UniUni is to provide coverage that reaches over 22 million of Canada’s population while we target over seven more provinces and 30 of the largest cities by the end of 2022.

“We understand that the shipping market is very competitive,” says Benny Liang, Operations Manager at UniUni. “That is why we have a controlled growth program to support our nationwide expansion in Canada. Our goal is to increase the satisfaction of our customers through our enhanced services and coverage to more and more postal codes.”

Negotiating Warehouse Space

The ongoing challenge for shipping companies is to secure valuable warehouse space. Space is in high demand and is usually leased within a few days.

UniUni has an advantage as it can leverage its strategic partnerships to obtain warehouse space as quickly as possible and at the best rates to control operation costs.

“Lease rates have gone up exponentially,” states Mr. Liang. “UniUni is able to successfully manage lease prices through our partnerships which is a win-win for everyone involved. We are able to secure valuable warehouse space throughout Canada.”

Tackling Extreme Weather

Being a successful shipping company in Canada requires that you can deliver in the most demanding weather conditions. Extreme cold weather during winter months is a tough operations problem to manage and one that UniUni does well.

“We factor in the possibility that services slow down during extreme cold weather. It’s part of doing business in Canada and we understand how to plan and be responsive to these atmospheric changes,” continues Benny Liang.

Targeting Eastern Canada

UniUni has just started to service Halifax which is a fast growing and important economic centre in Eastern Canada. Our services are now available to a population that has grown over 26% since 2016.

Halifax customers can now access UniUni’s 24-hour delivery which automatically comes with UniEssentials insurance coverage and full service tracking and notifications. Learn more about UniUni’s delivery services here.

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