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UniUni DSP Program Advantages

  • Pay -Per-Delivered Parcel: DSPs and their independent contractor drivers are compensated based on each successful delivery, allowing for unlimited earning potential without any earnings cap.
  • Competitive Compensation: UniUni offers excellent rates and compensation to DSPs for their services.
  • Small and Lightweight Parcels: DSPs and their contract drivers will handle the delivery of small and lightweight parcels only, ensuring convenience and efficiency.
  • Use of Owned/Leased Vehicles: DSPs and their independent contractor drivers can use their own vehicles for deliveries.
  • Training and Support: UniUni will provide training and ongoing support to DSPs and their independent contractor drivers to ensure high-quality service and smooth operations.

DSP opportunities available in these locations:

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Partner Requirements

Existing Network of Independent Contract Drivers (ICDs) with vehicles

DSPs applying for this partnership opportunity should have a reliable network of independent contractor drivers with vehicles.

Compliance and Safety

DSPs must comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations related to transportation and safety.

Smartphone Usage

ICDs will need to utilize smartphones for GPS navigation, package scanning, capturing delivery photos and fulfilling administrative requirements such as clocking in/out.

Effective Communication

DSPs must possess excellent communication skills to effectively collaborate with UniUni and their network of drivers.

ICD Compensation

DSPs are responsible for providing fair and timely pay and benefits to their ICDs.

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