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Winter storm and extreme cold warnings are in effect across Canada, with certain areas experiencing temperatures below -40°C. Please be advised that delays are possible including postponements on package delivery and mid-mile transportation.
We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you require further information, please contact our customer support team at
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Here are common FAQ’s

If your tracking number is entered correctly at, it may be that your package has not been picked up yet by an international courier and scanned as received. Please allow up to 72 hours for your tracking number to be logged by the international courier.

If you are still having difficulty, please contact UniUni customer support. We can then track the status of your package by your name or phone number.

Your tracking number will appear on the email sent from the international shipper when your product is received and scanned by them. It may also be issued via email by the vendor, in the case of local (Canadian) package origin. Here are examples of common UniUni Tracking number formats

UNIAS302278352YQ, AS302278352CN, AQ302278352CN

If you have checked your email (including junk or spam folders) for your tracking number confirmation and still cannot find it, please contact UniUni customer support. We can then track the status of your package by your name or phone number.

To ensure the efficiency and low cost of our delivery system for all users, this option is not available.

We can cancel a delivery but cannot change the delivery date. You will receive notification of delivery, please consider having a neighbour or friend collect your package for you if necessary.

If you are notified that your package has been delivered and you do not see it, Kindly check with everyone in your household that they have not received the item, or check a common second location like your mail room or building concierge. If you still cannot find it, please contact UniUni customer support. We can investigate the delivery for you (our drivers take photo documentation of every delivery). If this does not solve the problem, you may contact the vendor to open a claim, and request a replacement or a refund.

No signature is required for UniUni package delivery. A notification will be sent to you upon delivery and the UniUni driver will take photo documentation of the delivery. The package will be dropped at your front door.  But if your package is being sent to an office/business address or you’re living in a condo/apartment building with a front desk, concierge or delivery locker, your package will be left at one of these safe drop locations. If your building does not have a front desk, concierge, or delivery locker, the package will be left in the mailroom or at your apartment door.

In some instances, a UniUni doortag will be delivered to you with pickup information for the closest available UniUni Service Point.

To expedite the availability of your package, it will be rerouted to the nearest UniUni Service Point, where you may pick it up. You can look up the location info by using our tracking system, or the information provided on the door tag.

If a parcel is returned to a UniUni warehouse, for your convenience, you may schedule a second delivery attempt through the free UniUni APP or contact UniUni customer support

Any undeliverable parcels are held for 30 days from the attempted delivery date. You will be notified via text message 5 days before the 30 days expiration date as a reminder to pick up your parcel provided UniUni was provided your most up-to-date cell phone number. 

There are many reasons as to why your package is stuck in customs. From incorrect paperwork to the contents being prohibited in Canada. You can contact your seller to see if they have been updated on the reasons why the shipment is delayed. UniUni is currently not provided the reasons as to why a shipment may experience a delay. The best thing to do is wait for clearance. 

When you have missed a delivery and either received a text message or a door knocker. You can contact our customer support team to schedule a second delivery or wait for the parcel to return to either a UniUni third-party service point (located within major metropolitan areas) or visit the UniUni warehouse for a self pick-up. 

Yes, please contact the customer support team and they will update your address. 

Please contact our customer support team and they will file a complaint on your behalf, and you will be contacted within 2 business days. 

Once your delivery is completed, the driver will upload two pictures of the delivery location. One picture of the physical address in view of your parcel and the second will be where the parcel was left at the delivery point. To request a copy of your proofs of delivery, you may contact the customer support centre with your tracking number and a customer service representative will forward these copies to you.