UniUni: Leading the Way in Last-Mile Delivery with Excellence, Data Security, and Trust

In an era where logistics and data security are paramount, UniUni is carving a niche in the last-mile delivery industry with its unwavering commitment to excellence, reliability, and security.

In 2023, the company ranked fourth on The Globe and Mail’s list of Top Growing Firms. UniUni is a made-in-Canada success story expanding its last-mile service excellence to key markets across North America.

Raising the Bar with ISO 9001

UniUni CEO Peter Lu discovered quickly that fast-growing companies have to be committed to process improvement in all business activities—especially when it seems there’s no time to do it. While investigating how to bake this into the UniUni DNA, IS0 9001 certification was recommended by a close friend and fellow entrepreneur. Peter noticed most companies don’t have this certification, but good companies do. He inspired the team to achieve an ISO 9001 transformation even as they adapted to rapid expansion. The effort has already paid off.

Crossing Borders with Confidence: The PIP Advantage

As UniUni expanded its reach across North America, ensuring smooth, secure cross-border shipments for its customers became a critical priority. The CBSA’s voluntary Partners in Protection (PIP) program is designed to secure Canadian borders and streamline trade practices. PIP certifications help to streamline the border crossing process for low-risk and pre-approved organizations, thereby avoiding unnecessary delays. UniUni has made joining the PIP program a priority, so it can offer customers the assurance that their goods will cross the border as quickly and securely as possible.

A Commitment to Data Security: On the Path to ISO 27001

Understanding the critical nature of data security is an ongoing and evolving process for UniUni. The company is in the midst of achieving ISO 27001 accreditation. This commitment stems from a keen awareness of the risks involved in data handling. This became all too real for Peter and the UniUni management team when they learned about a critical data breach incident that compromised a firm in the food-delivery sector. Although UniUni doesn’t collect credit card details, it is fully aware that personal data is highly sensitive information, especially at a time when identity theft is on the rise across North America.

ISO 27001 accreditation will validate UniUni’s adherence to international standards for information security management, a crucial step in safeguarding client and customer data. Already taking proactive measures, UniUni ensures all data is securely stored within North America, using industry-leading encryption and world-class safeguards, reflecting its commitment to data protection.

Conclusion: UniUni—A Synonym for Trust and Reliability

UniUni’s journey from a promising start-up to one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies is a testament to its dedication to setting new standards in delivery and data security. By prioritizing customer trust, operational excellence, and robust security protocols, UniUni aims to be a beacon of reliability and trust in the last-mile delivery space. As the company progresses toward ISO 27001 certification in 2024, it reaffirms its commitment to delivering not just packages, but peace of mind.

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