La vague d’innovation d’Uni s’étend sur la scène des livraisons aux États-Unis

UniUni is taking its pioneering, tech-driven, delivery solutions and strong metrics on its expansion journey across the United States.

Spearheading this endeavour is Dr. Scott Wang, a seasoned leader with an impressive track record of propelling companies to new heights.

With an academic background rooted in engineering excellence, Dr. Wang’s problem-solving and team-building expertise will power UniUni’s implementation of its supply-chain logistics in the U.S. His strategic vision and adeptness in scaling companies were honed during his tenure as the Vice President of North American Operations at YunExpress, a cross- border logistics services provider.
UniUni’s foray into the United States began in the bustling city of Los Angeles, strategically chosen for its dynamic last-mile logistics market. Today, UniUni’s footprint extends to major population hubs including Dallas, Miami, and Chicago, along with their surrounding suburbs. An ambitious expansion roadmap includes New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Seattle. Success will be driven by UniUni’s commitment to enhancing eCommerce customer happiness and making the delivery experience as seamless as possible.

UniUni is a Canadian homegrown success story—its revenues have soared 100x since 2019—and currently serves more than 180 cities in nine provinces.

UniUni and its team of independent contractor drivers, deliver more than 45 million parcels annually across Canada.

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UniUni is Canada’s nationwide delivery company offering technology-powered services that connect businesses to an ever expanding delivery network – now growing fast in the USA.

Customers enjoy a reliable, cost-effective shipping experience backed by a team of dedicated workers and drivers.

A fast-growing innovator in the space, UniUni is here for the long run, with ISO and PIP certifications, and a driving commitment to customer satisfaction.


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