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UniUni • Delivery Driver Testimonial - What It's Like to Work for UniUni

UniUni has experienced tremendous growth since it launched in 2019. From the beginning, the organization has known that shipping goods is more than just delivering packages. By bringing together a unique blend of the best technology, processes and people, UniUni offers some of the most affordable last mile delivery services in Canada that meet both business and customers’ demanding expectations – every time.

Samantha has had to juggle a lot to ensure that she has a work/life balance. She is a mother to three children and a driver at UniUni in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Samantha shares with us what it’s like to be part of the UniUni team of delivery drivers and why it’s been such a good choice for her to support her family.

Why did you choose to work for UniUni?

I love to drive and liked the idea that I could obtain full time hours that worked with my daily schedule. Their pay is good and competitive compared to other delivery companies. Getting started was easy!

How does this job help you keep a great work/life balance?

I’ve worked for other delivery companies and the hours that I could drive depended on demand and made it difficult to predict how much I was going to earn. At UniUni, I have flexible full time hours that work well, as I have children in daycare that need to be dropped off and picked up. 

UniUni’s has been supportive and listen to my needs.  They schedule deliveries close to where I live and try to have me closer to my daycare at the end of the day so I’m on time in picking up my kids. I really appreciate that they have worked with me to create a delivery route and schedule that helps me be both a productive driver and meet my responsibilities as a mom. As a driver at UniUni, I am hardly ever late in picking up my kids which makes all of us happy.

Would you recommend being a UniUni driver to others?

UniUni is a family-friendly company that has worked with me to create a work/life balance. They provide regular hours and a delivery area that is close to my home. It’s a win-win for me and my family. I’m very happy to be part of the UniUni delivery team.


What do you like about being a full-time UniUni driver?

Every day is different! I use UniUni’s delivery app to expedite my deliveries and optimize my route for the day. I love to drive and being a part of bringing people joy makes this job exciting for me. Because I don’t drive passengers around, all the music choices are mine.

Do you feel safe being a UniUni driver?

There are lots of jobs you can pick as a driver. I do feel safer delivering packages, rather than having people in my car. The UniUni driver app allows me to confirm delivery with two photos. This gives me peace of mind because I’m not having to interact with lots of people on a daily basis when I’m making deliveries. With COVID still around, it’s great to be able to quickly deliver and go.


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