4 Raisons pour Lesquelles les Gérants/superviseur d’UniUni Livrent Aussi des Colis

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Here at UniUni, we’re all on the same road together – and not just symbolically. Our office staff and managers regularly deliver packages, so they can get first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a driver. We’ve been doing this since the beginning and think it is a key part of our success. Here are four reasons why we think this works:

1. Drive a mile in their shoes

Ensuring our customers, drivers and employees are happy is essential. By leaving the office to do deliveries, we’re able to better understand what’s working and what’s not. Getting behind the wheel puts the whole team is in a better place to feel the challenges our drivers face daily and to then implement changes that matter. 

When we started UniUni, we knew that prioritizing drivers’ needs and well-being would be crucial to our success. Our drivers feel valued; thus, we have less turnover, which translates to lower operating costs and better, more consistent customer service.

2. Constant improvement

By constantly evolving and refining logistics processes, UniUni stays steps ahead to make sure we are achieving our clients’ SLAs. Our in-house tech team has developed a proprietary UniUni driver app. While delivering packages they are able to test new features and experience functionality in real use-case conditions. Innovative app ideas are often brainstormed on the road, and with continual advances in the UniUni app comes smarter, streamlined processes.

3. Build team camaraderie

UniUni employees appreciate seeing leadership team members deliver packages. It makes them feel closer as a team. It also enables better communication and encourages drivers to share their great ideas too.  When management proactively makes changes that cater to drivers’ needs, it demonstrates empathy, builds mutual trust, and makes our mission to be the first choice in last mile delivery an achievable outcome. Feeling that your company and teammates are behind you is powerful.

4. We love to deliver!

We are passionate about logistics, knowing it’s a privilege to be part of the joyful last step in the delivery process. UniUni founders started this company because they knew how delivery services aligned with technology were changing the world and making lives better. They made the first few thousand deliveries themselves, and they continue to be involved from the ground up because their focus has always been on customer happiness. It’s not just about getting the job done, it’s about how we can make life better—for our employees, our customers, and everyone we meet along the way.

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