Meet The Team – Gloria Gaddie, Client Services Manager

UniUni has experienced tremendous growth since it launched in 2019. From the beginning, the organization has known that shipping goods is more than just delivering packages. By bringing together a unique blend of the best technology, processes and people, UniUni offers some of the most affordable last mile delivery services in Canada that meet both business and customers’ demanding expectations – every time.

Gloria Gaddie has always known how important it is for a company to be upfront about their capabilities and clearly communicate them to their customers. She has a passion for helping others which is why she has pursued a career in client services.

Gloria is a dedicated manager who knows how to facilitate and help people through detailed discussions. She has applied this knowledge at numerous companies, such as H&R Block and Trail Appliances, and it has given her insight into how to support new technologies and give people peace of mind.

As a manager overseeing a team of client service professionals at UniUni, Gloria knows what it takes to be a success. Being an active listener and demonstrating a willingness to help will always take her team to the next level. She has been instilling these insights into UniUni’s customer service team since Fall, 2021.

What is required to successfully deliver customer service in 2022?

Creating a work environment where your customer service team has the confidence in knowing their answers are accurate and correct. When you are on the front lines delivering a seamless customer experience, giving your team the proper training is essential.

How do you ensure consistency in how customer service is delivered at UniUni?

As a manager, I shadow my team to ensure how we answer customer inquiries is consistent for everyone.

Saying to someone “I don’t know” will never be an acceptable response. Knowing how to escalate inquiries and get customers the answers they are seeking is what I focus on when training and building UniUni’s client services team.

Why did you choose to join UniUni’s growing team?

I was excited about being part of a company that is experiencing tremendous growth.

I love the vision and creativity of the organization. If you have a great idea, UniUni will transform it into something that makes a difference.

Everyone’s input is encouraged and applied to daily operations. I can really see that I have made a difference even in such a short time.

What motivates you to manage people and help others?

I wanted the challenge of creating something that used the best of my abilities. My role as Client Services Manager gives me the opportunity to do exactly that – deliver a great customer experience.

As delivery times become shorter and shorter in this business, it has required that we provide customer notifications and status updates about where goods are in the shipping ecosystem even faster.

My team is there to ensure that our customers get the answers they need. We are in the business of delivering peace of mind and showing how we love to deliver their goods.

What have you learned so far in helping others?

Having empathy for people. You never know what people are dealing with in their daily life.

Listening to what our customers are saying and not pigeon holing their responses is so important. It’s easy to forget when you are constantly answering inquiries that everyone has a different reason for calling customer support.

I believe that being empathetic is what is needed to be a great customer service representative. It is what I try to instill in my growing team.

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