Uniuni Is Set To Double Delivery Services While Providing Canada’s Most Reliable Shipping Option

ANCOUVER, British Columbia — UniUni is pleased to announce their commitment to providing the most reliable and affordable shipping option to Canadians while doubling shipping across the country within the next year. Canada’s first uber-style delivery service made their mark by providing some of the most reliable, affordable, and timely shipping within higher density regions. They are set to expand their services by building more delivery stations, and technology solutions to increase reliability for their customers.

UniUni has rapidly developed into a nationwide delivery service within Canada by providing the most cost effective and reliable shipping option. The company has experienced rapid growth over the past two years, expanding from 5 employees to 100, with over 3000 independent drivers delivering over 50,000 parcels every day.UniUni is at the forefront of innovation by improving both internal and customer facing technology – such as new applications allowing users to see more accurate readings of their parcel’s status. They prioritize innovation over the chase to gain the most profit possible. This is why UniUni is reallocating 15% of revenue to tech innovation using algorithms and big data analysis.“We expect UniUni with its crowdsourcing model to break the existing delivery pattern, drive the transformation of the entire logistics industry and promote the improvement of services. We are now capable of launching same-day delivery service at the most affordable prices and increase the parcel weight limit from 10 kilograms to 30 kilograms.” Says founder & CEO of UniUni Peter Lu. “We believe this will help local E-commerce businesses meet their customers’ needs.”The expansion of UniUni will benefit local businesses across Canada, as a more affordable and reliable shipping service will be widely available to them and their consumers. The growth of the company will also make more fair-paying jobs available to the independent contractor drivers and package handlers.To learn more about UniUni’s expansion plans as well as the mission of the company, reach out to the media contact below.
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UniUni is Canada’s nationwide delivery company that ensures your deliveries will be loved. Our technology-powered services seamlessly connect e-commerce applications to our delivery network which is continuing to expand. We offer the most reliable, cost-effective, and positive shipping experience for our customers while ensuring workers and drivers are being paid fairly. The company has rapidly grown within a few short years and continues to innovate their service model to be more efficient, reliable and sustainable.

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