Meet The Team – Tony Shi, Director Of Technology

UniUni has experienced tremendous growth since it launched in 2019. From the beginning, the organization has known that shipping goods is more than just delivering packages. By bringing together a unique blend of the best technology, processes and people, UniUni offers some of the most affordable last mile delivery services in Canada that meet both business and customers’ demanding expectations – every time.

Tony Shi brings over 25 years of software development and engineering experience which is what you’d expect when hiring a talented Director of Technology. But what Tony does best at UniUni is consistently deliver a great user experience for last mile delivery services.

Tony knows how to use the latest technologies and best practices to develop scalable, integrated e-commerce systems. His knowledge is vast and goes well beyond today’s web and mobile application development.

He specializes in cloud computing architecture, big data solutions and artificial intelligence. When combined with his background in machine learning and deep learning, Mr. Shi is well positioned to design dynamic systems for UniUni that can grow and offer greater functionality over time.

What attracted you to join UniUni?

The opportunity to be part of a company experiencing tremendous growth is something that excited me.

I have already worked for many of the largest e-commerce companies in Canada. Applying this experience to building a technology infrastructure that supports exponential growth is a challenge that I’m looking forward to in collaboration with the rest of the UniUni team.

What is your vision for UniUni’s technology road map?

Scalability is key for our long term success as UniUni’s delivery services expand across Canada.

We will soon be supporting integrated fulfillment centres and large-scale e-commerce platforms. From a technology standpoint, we will provide a direct Application Program Interface (API) to their delivery platform to offer and support multiple shipping options.

As UniUni quickly provides more services and locations across Canada, so will our capabilities for supporting our e-commerce clients’ systems with cloud-based applications. We are placing focus on accessibility, reliability and security with these evolving applications.

UniUni has implemented strategies and documented procedures on security governance, risk management, data security, information protection and privacy.  The confidentiality, integrity and availability of service provider computing resources are fully protected. Client’s information is stored away from publicly accessible networks and all data between clients and UniUni are encrypted with TLS 1.2.

Our goal is to continuously deliver business value to UniUni’s clients and customers.

How does UniUni continue to optimize routes throughout Canada?

We’re taking an approach that first focuses on optimizing driver’s delivery routes, applying a graph algorithm, Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) algorithm and AI algorithm such as K-Mean Cluster. The main objectives are saving time and distance of delivery to reduce cost and environmental impact.

We are then optimizing dispatch as a solution for multi-level warehouses so parcels can be dispatched and distributed even more effectively.

When you consider that UniUni delivered over 10,437,680 packages in 2021, it is no small task to optimize routes.

What is it like to work at UniUni?

I am based out of the new corporate headquarters in Richmond, BC. It has been renovated to be a modern and beautiful facility.

I’ve found the entire UniUni team to be professional and very friendly. Everyone has made me feel very welcome. It’s clear that the management team understands that if you are going to grow a business at light speed, that you can only do this by placing a strong focus on people.

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