Rien qu’un Ciel Bleu! UniUni et Air Canada Cargo Unissent Leurs Forces.

UniUni • Air Canada Cargo and Rivo Partnership Announcement

Some matches are made in heaven, well…pretty close! Canada’s disruptor in last-mile shipping – UniUni is joining forces with Air Canada’s Cargo’s e-commerce shipping solution – Rivo – delivering BIG for businesses that move FAST across the country. Now customers will have a high-quality alternative to keep air parcel shipping costs down with no compromises.

UniUni & Air Canada Cargo, A Win/Win For Canadians

Rivo’s “speed of now” mantra offers customers coast-to coast service, , standing as Air Canada Cargo’s eCommerce delivery division.  Rivo’s vast and fast service is powered by the country’s largest flight network, and supported by Canada’s most trusted ground delivery partners.  Putting shipping on easy mode with big savings and fast delivery.

Enter UniUni, Canada’s dedicated flex-driver, asset-light delivery service offering reliable, affordable shipping options for some of the lowest prices across the country. Ready to answer Rivo’s call for outstanding speed at the most competitive rates is UniUni’s unique ecosystem – an inter-connected, flexible fleet of drivers that can instantly expand to meet demand and amp up package delivery by 2x as needed.  

With full-scale capacity across the country, and no massive fleet to inflate costs, UniUni brings a competitive choice to the table. Business clients enjoy an edge on affordability and proprietary tech for easy integration, all while tapping into a stable, actively growing network across the nation. The result: reliable next day shipping, 7 days a week, with step-by-step tracking in over 120 cities.  

And so, a strategic union, with endless opportunities, takes flight. 

Coming soon to a delivery near you.


Need More Info? Reach Out Anytime

For business or media inquiries, please email: connect@uniuni.com 

Learn more about UniUni’s amazing management team who literally decided to “drive a mile” in their shoes

Happy Shipping Canada! 

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