La Certification ISO 9001 n’a jamais semblé aussi intéressante – C’est une nouvelle étape pour UniUni!

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Hot off the presses! UniUni’s just been awarded an ISO 9001 certification, setting a new standard for this fast-moving disruptor in last-mile shipping.

BUT, before we pop the champagne, let’s get the 411 on what this all means and put everything into perspective. The fact is that we’ve all heard the term ISO 9001 at some point – it definitely sounds impressive – but, why is it such a big deal? For those of you that don’t live and breathe this jargon (like we do), we’d like to take a moment and explain why we’re so excited.

 “The What” behind ISO 9001 Certified:
  • The world’s most widely recognized quality management standard 
  • Acknowledged internationally
  • Ensures clients needs are met through effective quality management systems
  • Helps organizations meet the expectations and needs of their customers.
  • Rigorously audits the business processes and product quality environments of potential award recipients
  • Over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries are certified to ISO 9001
What can you expect from an ISO 9001 certified company like UniUni?
  • Robust, defied procedures in all business areas
  • Services delivered with quality and transparency
  • Strong customer focus
  • Continual improvement
  • Consistently good quality products and services

With the ISO 9001 certification based on a number of quality management principles that include a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement, UniUni is ready to maintain and exceed expectations at every turn, because that’s the UniUni way!

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Do you know that UniUni is Pip Certified?  Find out more here 

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About UniUni

Canada’s nationwide delivery company offering technology-powered services that connect e-commerce applications to an ever expanding delivery network. 

Customers enjoy a reliable, cost-effective, positive shipping experience backed by a dedicated roster of workers and drivers who are valued and paid fairly for their hard work. 

In a short time, the company has grown fast, with a constant focus on customer satisfaction, new innovation, reliability and a commitment to sustainability company-wide.  

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